Exploration = curiosity = learning that stays in the brain

Founded in 2018, Pathways offers an engaging, natural space for children to explore and discover at their own pace, through their own interests.

Forest School in the field

Located at Move the Mind CIC in Babington near Frome, Pathways is set on the edge of a large, grassy field surrounded by hedgerows, small trees and shrubs.

Something for everyone

A mud kitchen for sensory cooking, a fort to defend, a pirate ship to construct, or a stick to whittle, Pathways has activities for everyone. Relax in the secret passage, choose herbs, vegetables and flowers from the garden, build your own shelter or express yourself through artwork. There’s space to run free, puddles to be jumped in, and campfire food to devour.

Child lead learning

Jen tailors sessions to individuals, groups, learning goals or National Curriculum aims as required.

Sessions are tailored towards neuro-diverse children as well as neurotypical; supporting ASD, PDA, ADHD, anxiety and PTSD.